Banner Advertising Info attracts a defined market group: K-12 educators. According to our spring survey, 91 percent of our visitors are involved in K-12 education. Your ad banner will not only reach current educators but also thousands of university students working on teaching credentials and seeking employment.

Advertising on K-12jobs is effective, affordable, and simple. Your ad will reach thousands of teachers and schools across the country. We will work with you to customize your advertising campaign in order to match your products and/or services with our users as effectively as possible. We can also design a banner ad for your campaign.

Web Site Description is an online employment web site for K-12 administrators and teachers. While it offers several education resources, it concentrates on listing positions for educators and school administrators.  These positions are at public and private schools in the U.S.  

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Web Site Traffic
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Other Pertinent Information
The highest web traffic occurs during the spring and summer recruiting season. The most active weekdays are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while the least active are Saturdays and Sundays.

Type of Web Site Reporting
Our web site traffic statistics and analysis are provided by:
- HTTP-ANALYZE 1.9e: a log analyzer for web servers
- URCHIN 3.01: an advanced visitors reporting software

Banner-Tracking Reports
Statistical reports and banner management are to be controlled by scripts at the  advertiser's servers or ad agency network.

Third-Party Auditors welcomes ad banner analyzers and traffic auditors from advertisers or agencies.

Banner Specs
According to the proposed CASIE/IAB standard, ad banners are usually 400 pixels wide by 40 pixels high.
Graphics should not exceed 15 kilobytes or 256 colors. The maximum dimensions accepted are 468x60 pixels 15K Max., 120x60 pixel 10K Max, and 125x125 pixel 12K Max.
Banners must be in GIF or JPEG. Animated graphics (single or infinite animation) must be in the 89a format.
The following are not accepted: Pop-ups, Floating ads, MAP files, graphics that include multimedia formats (sound/video), Java, Shockwave, Future Splash.
We prefer no flash. If flash is a must, limit looping/animation to a minimum. 12 frames per second is preferred.
We will accept banners served by external servers by linking them through a simple script.

Animated Banners
1) No bigger than 15K in size.
2) The animation must not be longer than 7 seconds.
3) It's only allowed to loop a maximum of 4 times.
4) Plus the normal size of 468 x 60.

Other type of Advertising
1) Text banner ads.
2) Email campaigns.

Banner Rates offers competitive advertising packages to fit every budget and advertising campaign. For details on banner advertising see banner rates.

Banner Design
Advertisers to provide ad banner.
K-12jobs' graphic arts department also offers banner design services.