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To provide schools with an efficient and cost-effective recruiting tool. We are dedicated to offering the best service and building a long term relationship with our clients.

We are dedicated to assist job seekers by providing job opportunities and job resources for free.


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Recruit and Hire Qualified Teachers!
K12jobs.com is the most popular niche site for recruiting K-12 educators.
Internet search engines rank K12jobs.com at the top of the search results for "jobs for teachers." "k12 teaching positions," "K12 teaching jobs," "K-12 jobs," "teachers job fairs" among other key terms.
About a million visitors search k-12jobs.com annually. Our survey of 8,000 users showed that 95.3% of those visitors were from the U.S. 91.1% were involved in k-12 education and 81.9% had at least a bachelor�s degree.
K12jobs.com delivers
Our candidates come from Internet search engines, from our network of hundreds of university career centers, job fairs, educational sites and marketing campaigns.
Candidates come to us and we deliver them to your desktop or door step!
K12jobs.com reduces your workload
Save time by allowing our staff to assist you with job postings, resume searches and placement. We are committed to answer your email inquiries within minutes.
K12jobs.com saves you money - Special promotion, get 50% off regular fee -
Our low annual memberships fees are based on a student enrollment scale  in proportion to the needs of small or large schools. Memberships include; unlimited job postings, access to over 300,000 resumes, candidate search and placement support.
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Special Features
Attractive display ads, not just text ads
An attractive  job display page shows detailed information about each position and the employer. It includes  profile web page link, map with directions to employer, employer demographics, contact's info, employer's logo or photo, and online application forms. 
Job tracking statistics and reports
Employers can track the number of times a job position is searched and the number of times position pages are viewed.
User friendly web site
Quick and easy web-based postings. A click or two will direct you to the desired page. Intelligent interface allows one step job editing and posting.  In addition to unlimited job postings, and access to thousands of fresh resumes; you get free job fair postings, newsletters, monthly reports, and other unique services.

Most of our schools have continued using k-12jobs since 1997; because of the effective job response, value, and friendly site. 

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